About Sunlux


Built on a very power server framework and reworked to provide even better stability and reliability.


Hosted on a very power dedicated server, providing nearly 100% uptime at all times of the night.


We dedicate ourself to you, meeting each and every one of your needs to help improve the game.

Other Features

60 Floor Party Dung

Explore vast dungeons by yourself or with a party of up to 5 people. Traverse all 60 floors including all of the floor types!

Grand Exchange

Buy and sell all of your rare look on open market known as the Grand Exchange. Makes getting what you want super easy.

Player Owned Houses

Design your own house from the ground up and show it off by inviting other players into your humble abode.

Great Exp Rates

Train at a decent rate. The rates arent too fast, and they certainly arent too slow, making it perfect for anyone!

Rare Loot and Rewards

Fight some of our toughest bosses, hardest skills, and complete random events to earn rare loot that will sure catch everyone attention!

Free to Play!

You read that right, we dont sell overpowered items or other gear to give donors the advantage. Everything is free!

Join Sunlux and embark on an epic adventure


See for yourself what we have to offer